Attractive white colordome roof. Its good looking polyester coating gives years of dependable service.

Translucent roof cap and chute dormer let in plenty of light.

9-inch white PVC fill pipe with adjustable brackets.

Outside ladder, safety cage and filling platform are standard. Ladder starts 10 feet above ground.Safety cage starts 20 feet above ground.

Swinging doors.Doors are made of 1/2 inch plywood pieces, and treated to resist silage acid and humidity.

Two chutes to chose from :(fiberglass,painted steel)

The standard interior finish of the silo is made up of a mixture of cement which is injected into vertical and horizontal joints.

The staves are belted by electro zinc plated rods (9/16" diameter)

For more details on silo capacities CLICK HERE.


The staves in a SILO SUPÉRIEUR are formed using a FIELDING hydraulic press. The press exerts tremendous pressure on the stave surface, eliminating air voids and producing a hi-density concrete stave with compressive and flexural strenght exceeding construction standards.

Hi-density staves can better withstand the forces a crop load exerts against silo walls and they have a greater resistance to silage acid.


The second chute, which is smaller dimension, is designed with an independent wood door to let the silage out of the silo, keeping the big chute clean of silage for your safety and confort.

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