Early harvesting, with an oxygen-limiting silo on your farm you harvest early while corn is standing.

No drying expense ever again.

Less losses caused by rodents and insects.

Processed feed, fed daily with push-button ease every day of the year. Just open the unloader door,push a button and processed grain flows through your conveyor or auger.

For more details on silo capacities CLICK HERE.


Sweep arm unloader especially designed for unloading high-moisture grains.


The poured concrete roof is designed for strength. It is complete with sealed hatch, pressure control valve, galvanized steel railing, and center fill pipe.

30 MPA grade concrete silo walls are 6 inches thick and steel reinforced as per ISA standards.

9-inch galvanised fill pipe with adjustable brackets.

Outside ladder, safety cage and filling platform are standard. Ladder starts 6 feet above ground. safety cage starts 20 feet above ground (approx.).

GRAIN-O-MATIC Silo unloader for fast "positive" delivery day after day.

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